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The proper way to hook up a portable generator

We all know that power outages happen at the worst possible time. Stores run out of generators and parts to wire them during major power outages. Now is the time to be thinking of it. Call us today for a free estimate. 616-754-9132

In most cases we can install a simple interlock kit on your existing electrical panel. The interlock prevents having the generator breaker and the main breaker being on at the same time. If both were to be on you can potentially burn up your generator when the power comes back on or worse you could back feed onto the electrical grid outside causing risk of electrocution to a linesman working on getting your power back on.


Simply turn the main breaker off. This allows you to move the interlock up, allowing you to turn on the generator breaker. Left click on picture to see an example.

Connecting your generator shouldn't be a total rewire of your house. A simple inlet on the outside of your house makes for an easy hookup. Notice the male ends on the house. This prevent using a male to male cord which can be a risk of electrocution if someone unplugged it while the generator was still running.

Generator's are in demand!

With the recent power outages generator are a hot topic. Here at G&D Electric we specialize in portable and whole house generator installations. We are a Kohler and Milbank Generator dealer and can provide our customers with any type of installation needed. Call today for a free electrical analysis of your home to provide you with the most economical pricing available. 

Generators are in store purchases only. Call for available stock. We can also provide a professional installation for easier hookup. A quick connection to your home and your back up and running. Call to schedule your free evaluation of your generator needs today. 616-754-9132

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